Empowering Parents, Protecting Children

Your Support Can Shape the Future of Education in New Mexico

The Challenge We Face

In a world where education should be a safe and nurturing environment, the increasing prevalence of transgender ideology in schools has become a source of concern for many New Mexican parents. Recent surveys conducted by the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) have unveiled a growing apprehension among parents about the content their children are exposed to in public education.

Our Mission

At SPPI, we believe in a transparent, inclusive dialogue that prioritizes the well-being and innocence of our children. We are committed to:

  • Amplifying Parental Voices: Ensuring that parents have a say in the curriculum and the kind of education their children receive.
  • Promoting Transparency: Shining a light on educational content and initiatives that concern parents.
  • Protecting Children: Advocating for an educational environment that respects the values and beliefs of all families.

Why Your Support Matters

Our efforts to unite parents and expose and address the challenges posed by the incorporation of transgender ideology in schools are crucial. But this vital work requires resources.

Your donation helps us:

  • Conduct More Surveys: To better understand parent and student needs.
  • Organize Community Forums: Where parents can express their concerns and desires for their children’s education.
  • Advocate for Policy Changes: To ensure education remains a place of learning, not indoctrination.

How You Can Help

  • Make a Donation: Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.
  • Share Our Message: Help us reach more people by sharing our campaign with friends and family.
  • Join the Conversation: Participate in our forums and surveys to make your voice heard.

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Your donation can make a world of difference.

Join us in our mission to empower parents and protect children in New Mexico. Together, we can ensure a future where education aligns with the values and concerns of families.